Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 6: Indian Apple Us

"Yeah, this is more expensive than we thought, so we're just gonna leave," John told the waiter of the Turkish restaurant as he brought us our waters. He looked disappointed as we walked away.

We found a taqueria named “TEX-MEX” and stepped inside. The building was half-convenience store, half restaurant. John, Ryan and I ate our tacos while watching a telenovela and staring at soccer posters. I paid out of a Hello Kitty lunchbox full of change which my girlfriend gave to me prior to our departure.

We pulled back into the parking lot of the Indy Jukebox. Two hours before, we had arrived after a long drive from Chicago. We met Dan Snodgrass (of the Bonesetters) and looked around the basement-bar, which was covered in posterized Rolling Stone magazine covers featuring Van Halen and Nirvana. While John, Kristin, and I made conversation, Ryan and Mark scaled the upper and outer wall of the building and snuck in an open window to check out the interior. They said it was awesome.

Songwriter Ryan P(R)uett started things off. We played between Davy Long and the Bonesetters, who both put on great shows beneath Saturday-Night-Fever disco lights. I was surpised to see friends from high school and grade school who made the trip from Muncie to Indianapolis.

Between songs of the Bonesetters' set, I made conversation with a guy I vaguely recognized. As we chatted, I remembered him from Muncie. He had played in a few bands I had known including the Bonesetters. We actually went to the same Catholic grade school back in the day.

Afterwards, we loaded our gear near the van. Mark, who had the keys, was nowhere to be found. We discovered his bag lying by the bushes. Twenty minutes later, he emerged again from the building. I can only guess what he was doing.


Dan/ the low end

Much love to the Bonesetters, Ryan Puett, and Davy Long for playing. Also, thanks to Courtland, Jill, Logan, Danner, Rachel, and Brianna for making the trip to the Jukebox.

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