Sunday, November 6, 2011

Arrah & the Ferns // The Low End @ DBH on Nov 12th

Arrah & the Ferns were one of the first bands to play at the Dead Birdhouse. High-school legends to Dan in Muncie, we were stoked to get them in our house and to share their music. Though the sound pumping from our 70s P.A. wasn't ideal, Arrah and her band of bearded gentlemen took it as an opportunity to turn up and deliver a fun, solo-filled set. It felt good to have a band that good in Manhattan.

15 shows and 6 noise complaints, the Dead Birdhouse, the DIY show-space, may be coming to an end, but we are really happy to finish it off with one of the nicest, coolest bands we have met in the last couple of years. If you didn't see them last time, make sure to check out the video below. They bring some nice vibes.

Music will start sometime from 8-9 pm, so get there early. The Low End will be playing a short opening set of 6-7 songs. All of them will be new ones from our upcoming album, "Fake Natives."

#32 Arrah and the Ferns: All the Bad In One Place from Love Drunk on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Disintegration Day (free download)

We did a live recording of a song that never found its way onto one of our releases. It's called "Disintegration Day." I think it turned out pretty well considering we did the majority of tracking all at once in a tiny basement room. It has Dan's first legit TLE guitar solo too. Hope you like it. You can download it for free from the side of the soundclould player. (That little down pointing arrow.)

Disintegration Day by thelowendmusic