Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday Night Live @ Transistor

Transistor (a wonderful record store, venue, art gallery, etc in Chicago) released a compilation of artists who played at their space in 2010. You can get "Lower 48" and many other songs by quality artists and bands on the bandcamp site above.

Hope things are goin' well,


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paleo Show + The Heat Index vs Roark

Our show w/ Paleo is on Thursday at 8 pm. Y'all should come out to the Dead Birdhouse early. We're trying to get the music started as soon as possible ... I've been listening to this number a lot lately. I like that it is based off such a simple repeating phrase. Some good truth in this:

ALSO -- Our good friends The Heat Index will be creating a lot of good noise in Aggieville on Saturday (3/12) afternoon along with the band Roark in honor of Fake Patty's Day. This is gonna be at our locally owned record store, Sister's of Sound, at 12 noon. (facebook event)

See you soon.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Dig It: New Kurt Vile Record Streaming on NPR, Paleo, Cowboy Indian Bear

Hello comrades,

Been listening to Kurt Vile a lot lately. You can get caught in the stream of his album on good ol' NPR:

Come to the Paleo show next Thursday. We will be playing a batch of new songs, and we've soundproofed the Red Room (as to avoid the po-po).

As for other news, Lawrence-gem Cowboy Indian Bear is playing at our place on March 31st. I really enjoy this band. Come out and give them some mandatory love.

Peace, understanding, stamina, etc.,