Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 4: Chicagoing, pt. 1

We were 30 minutes late to the Double Door. Mark pulled the van into the loading area in the back while the rest of us checked into the venue and loaded our gear.

With our gear loaded in, a Double Door employee came to check IDs. While no one checked mine, Ryan, our only member under 21, was sniped by the door lady. He was ordered to stay in the area specifically designated for bands and underage folk. His hands were marked with bold "X"s. They made him wear bright orange wristbands on both hands and told him that he had to be escorted to the latrines.

After we checked our sound, the rest of the band stretched their legs in Wicker Park while I stayed behind, sipped a beer, and looked around. I saw a poster that advertised that the Rolling Stones had played there in 1997. A flier for an upcoming show promoted a joined performance from Ray Davies (of the Kinks) and Ron Wood (of the Faces and the Stones). Very cool.

We were scheduled first on a bill of locals and played to a crowd larger than I expected given the venue's size. Gavin and Brian of the Bears of Blue River kindly stopped by to listen. After us, some jam bands from the Chicago suburbs played. "They sound like a Rob Thomas cover band," Ryan remarked before we departed.

I left with Gavin and his comrades to get a few drinks. His friend Jason, who also works at the Double Door, got his hands on a Four Loco for the first time (which tasted like cough syrup). We sat around with a large black lab/pit bull mix before I returned to the band, who had found reportedly delicious tacos in my absence.

Dan/ the low end

Thanks to Nick Ryan and Shannon Wilson for letting us crash at their places. Pic courtesy of Gavin Wilkinson.

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