Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tour Day 1

Our small tour has begun. At noon yesterday, we packed up the van and headed to Omaha, Nebraska. After eating a picnic dinner in a park and checking out a downtown art show, we went to Oleaver's Pub, on Saddle Creek Rd. First Adam Robert Haug ( performed an acoustic set (which I really enjoyed), then we played. From what we gathered both during and after our set,the crowd seemed lively and receptive. Afterward, Cat Island took the stage with a Moldy-Peaches-like set. Later, we gathered at the apartment of a friend of the band with some friends that had traveled from Manhattan to see the show. While sitting on the coffee table, Cat Island's aged bassist (sporting a pink mo hawk) explained the innumerable uses of hemp and hemp oil to Mark for an hour and a half. Today, we spent most of our time driving back to Kansas, where we're we're playing tonight at the Riverside Perk in Wichita with a one-man-band called Orpheus. We head to the Riot Room in KC tomorrow.

Dan/the low end

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