Monday, June 28, 2010

Day Two

Yesterday we woke in Omaha to the sight of a cat licking Ryan's face in a friend's apartment. After wandering around a vacant lot and an abandoned building (which Ryan and Mark scaled to the roof), we dropped by a pawn shop where we failed to close a deal on a glockenspiel. From Omaha, we headed back to Kansas to play in Wichita.

Last night we played at the Riverside Perk Cafe with Brian Foster (aka Orpheus). One couple asked me for discs after the show. I remembered that they had only come in for the pseudo bossa nova break after a new song called 'Bulls.' The woman explained that her husband listened to 'that kind of music,' except exclusively in Spanish. I think they'll be disappointed in the discs... we enjoyed ourselves regardless, and the crowd was encouraging.

After packing up and enjoying some free drinks outside of the cafe, we drove into Kristin's hometown of Oskaloosa to stay at her family's house. En route, we spotted some deer, coyote, and the elusive deer-coyote.

Tonight we play in KC....

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  1. cannot hep but wunder what was on his face that a kikat was licking it.
    maybe just love.