Sunday, February 13, 2011

Postmortem: The Replay & Auntie Mae's; & Things to Come

Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows this weekend at the Replay Lounge and Auntie Mae's. 'Twas our first show at the Replay, and we had a swell time. Our next show isn't until March, when Paleo will be paying us a visit. If you're not familiar with his tunes, investigate here:

Nowadays, the band is giddily planning our summer tour. We will be spending roughly two weeks on the road this June, and we already have holds for a few scattered dates. If you know anyone in the Middle West who might want to throw together a house show, shoot us an email at

This week we will begin recording the Hemingway LP. Yesterday, we bought a glockenspiel at a pawn shop after a solid meal of Mexican food. Both the Mexican cuisine and the glock will serve us well in the recording process....

Peace & love,

I've been listening to this Sparklehorse song a lot lately. Might as well share it with you:

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